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Discover the scintillating beauty of Lazare Diamond.


Founded in 1903, Lazare Kaplan International Inc. has become the premier diamond - cutting company in the world. Its tradition of excellence gives those who buy a Lazare Diamond the confidence that they have made the finest choice. The owner of a Lazare Diamond possesses not only ″The world′s most beautiful diamond®″ but also a share in one of the richest traditions in the diamond world.

Why choose an IDEAL CUT Lazare Diamond? To ensure you have the most beautiful diamond possible, you may compromise on color, clarity or carat-weight but never compromise on cut.

 ideal cut diamonds

DEEP CUT: In a diamond that is cut too deep, much of the light is reflected to opposite facets at the wrong angle and is lost through the sides. The diamond may appear black in the center.

IDEAL CUT: A Lazare Diamond ensures optimal brilliance, scintillation, and fire. Light is reflected from facet to facet and comes back through the top in a rainbow blaze.

SHALLOW CUT: In a diamond that is cut too shallow, light is lost through the bottom because it is too flat; the result is a dull grey ring and a loss of brilliance.

Content Source- Lazare Diamonds

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